I love technology. I love it when it works seemlessly. I get frustrated when it doesn’t – when it doesn’t do something that I think should be logical and easy.

A case in point: synching my Android phone with my BlueHost website email.

I just received my first email through my website contact page, and got an email notification that it had arrived. I’d never bothered setting up POP3 etc on my phone, but now I wanted to be able to respond to any message straight from my phone. In theory, simple. In reality, not so much.

I set everything up but kept getting this error message: Certificate Name Mismatch.

I checked and rechecked and kept getting the same error message. After about an hour, I found the answer.

My error – I had entered my domain name as the mail server, where I should have entered my BlueHost box number. As soon as I changed this, it worked instantly.

Hope this helps others – why not let me know?

Article from https://my.bluehost.com/cgi/help/email-error-messages

Certificate Name Mismatch

This error is a warning from your email application that the certificate for SSL that the server uses doesn’t match the name that your email application was expecting. Variations of this error include:

Invalid Certificate
Mail can’t verify the certificate for example.com
The identity of mail.example.com cannot be verified.
The certificate for this server is invalid.

Host name mismatch
A secure connection cannot be established with the server.
The name on the security certificate is invalid or does not match the name of the site.
The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that cannot be verified.
This Connection is Untrusted. Confirm security exception.

If your email application is set up using Private (with SSL) settings, and you’re using your domain name as the mail server (such as mail.example.com), your email application expects the SSL certificate to contain your domain name, when it contains the name of the Bluehost server (such as box123.BlueHost.com) instead. Because of this mismatch, your email application will warn you that the name on the Bluehost server’s certificate doesn’t match your domain name. This is normal.

Email applications will allow you to continue to send and receive mail, but you may need to adjust a setting in your email application to confirm you’re aware of this configuration. Each email application has slightly different steps for setup. If you aren’t sure which setting to change, check out our Email Application Setup Guides.