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Ebook Preorders 101

My KDP Select has just finished for Ghost Note and I’m using this as an opportunity to set it up for pre-order on Smashwords. Many thanks to @MarkCoker at #Smashwords for this post:

If you’re planning to publish a book in the next 12 months, this post will teach you how to use ebook preorders to reach more readers….

Synch your phone with your BlueHost email – easily

I love technology. I love it when it works seemlessly. I get frustrated when it doesn’t – when it doesn’t do something that I think should be logical and easy.

A case in point: synching my Android phone with my BlueHost website email.

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A newbie’s guide to publishing an e-book


Ghost Note started life as five notebooks of pencilled words. 

In my ignorant enthusiasm, I figured this was the romantic way to write a book. 

It felt romantic at the time, but then I had to type it up to:

  1. Edit it
  2. Send parts of it to agents
  3. So the agents would rip my arm off for the manuscript, and I wouldn’t have to worry about setting it up on the web

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Blog #1 – my first interview

So I’ve just set up an account with Smashwords as one of the distributors for With A Bullet, and one of the lovely things the site does is to host a free interview with the author.

I left it alone the first evening I was on Smashwords, as I was too busy formatting, checking formatting, and adding in Twitter links etc into my manuscript (as advised in one of the Smashwords free guides).

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